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Every sale benefits our local charity partners:
A Place of Refuge

Thanks to our very generous sellers who choose to donate their unsold items, we are able to help A Place of Refuge with essentials their clients need twice each year. 

a place of refuge

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Items donated last sale:

Have you thought about donating?

We highly recommend donating your items each sale—why? We have found that those who choose to reduce items for the half-price sale and also donate unsold items tend to price to sell. That means more items are likely to sell due to the great value shoppers receive during the half-price sale. And if items do not sell, they are donated to A Place of Refuge. So no matter what, everyone wins!

Why do sellers donate? Here's what they say.

"I love helping. That's why."

"I like the people there and it's the fun of going there as a consigner knowing your items will help other kids". 

• Jeremiah W., JBF Seller, Giver and Dad

"All the resources stay right here."

"Good deals and can trust that there will be no stains or rips. Very nice quality. Also its one stop shopping for all the seasons needs!"


• Michelle S., JBF Seller, Giver and Mom of  2

"I have kids. I get it."

"I love being able to shop for the upcoming season for my constantly growing boys."

• Kristi W., JBF Seller, Giver and Mom 

"It makes me clean up. I need the nudge."

"Everyone is friendly, well organized and some great prices! I do this event twice a year and I love it".

• Katie S., JBF Seller, Giver and Mom 

Do you have items you'd like to sell...and then perhaps donate?

Join the thousands of local families who are part of our selling/donating family every sale! You can sell your items which ALSO helps others in our communities as they can find great items at amazing prices. And, you can then choose to donate any unsold items at the close of each sale. Those items go directly to A Place of Refuge. So all you have to do is sign up, prep your items and then drop them off—that's it!

We'll do the rest!