Clutter is Overwhelming—
We Can Help.

If you’ve tried selling all those outgrown items on social media or spending your whole weekend sitting outside to host a less-than-amazing yard sale, you know there’s got to be a better way. 

🙋‍♀️ Anyone else have a playroom full of clutter? 

  🙋‍♀️ Kids outgrowing the itty bitty baby stage?   

If your house is overrun with outgrown clothing, toys & shoes... it's time to stop 🛑 trying to organize it, and clear that clutter with JBF! 
❌No haggling, no meetups! JBF the EASIEST way to sell those outgrown items to thousands of shoppers in ONE weekend! 
Selling with JBF MIlwaukee is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
   1: Sign Up to Sell ✅ 
2: Tag your items using our online tagging system ✅ 
3: Drop Off ✅ 
Sellers earn on average $450 per sale. 

Families who sell with Just Between Friends earn more and sell more—all in one place, all at one time. Plus, you’ll feel warm and fuzzy knowing you are helping so many local families who love finding great deals for their kids at the JBF sale! 

Tricycles, scooters and toys lined up on a table waiting for shoppers to attend the sale.

Get started today

  1. Sign up to sell 
  2. Price your items—we'll show you how
  3. Drop off, shop early & get paid

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do consignors make?

Consignors earn 60% on their sold items.

What are the fees?

There is a $12 consignor fee. 

When do I drop off my items?

Drop off is Thursday before the sale starts.  

Why do clothes need to be on PLASTIC hangers?

Clothing is hung on our clothing racks by size and gender. We ONLY accept PLASTIC hangers (we find wire hangers get caught on the other clothing which creates holes. They also tear the plastic bags.  We just ask that you use size appropriate (ie: NB-4 use child size hangers, 5T-14 use adult size hangers).  When in doubt, if you think it is going to fall off the hanger, use the bigger size.  

How can I help at the sale?

We would love for you to join the JBF Milwaukee Team. Please fill out the application by clicking HERE.

Do I get my hangers back?

All clothing is sold with the hangers. 

I'm NEW to JBF where do I start?

First WELCOME, we are glad you are joining the JBF Milwaukee family. We are here to help!  Join our Facebook Consignor group HERE, we share lots of tips and it's also a great way to connect with other consignors. Our How To Sell page of the website is also filled with lots of great videos.  After you sign up you will also be hearing from Missy, who is our consignor coach. 

I don't have time to tag. Is there someone that can help me?

We sure can! We have a great group of expert taggers. You schedule a time to drop off your clean items at their home.  They will price your items and if you would like they will also drop them off at the sale and place them on the sales floor for you. You earn 45%.  The best part? You still get to shop early!   Fill out the Valet Tagging application HERE.  

Any additional advice?

We recommend taking it step by step. Start by going room by room and gathering your items. Then on another day or the same check each piece for  stains, working zippers, no holes (we recommend doing this in a well lite room or even outside). Puzzles & games are all the pieces there. Toys are they clean. Then start entering, enter 20 items at a time and save. Then print your tags on WHITE CARDSTOCK.   Turn on Netflix and binge watch your favorite show while you tag.  


Selling at JBF makes sense

Earn cash back

Less clutter = less stress

Recycle by reselling

Sell more in less time

All sellers shop early

Unsold items donated locally

A smiling Team Member stands behind a rack of toddler girl's clothing at the sale.

Want it gone now?
​No time to price items?

Sign up as a Valet Seller and our Pro Tagger will price your items and drop them off at the sale for you. 

Click here for more information

What our Sellers say

Don't take our word for it—see what Sellers love most about participating in JBF sales, season after season.

Mom holds daughter who is sleeping in her arms while she shops the local JBF sale.

"Melinda & Missy have built a team that have become family. Its a very welcoming group. Ideas are shared to keep improving the sale experience for all, volunteers, consignors and shoppers. We learn from each other how to maximize our sales, yet still offer great bargains to families. It's a huge sale with a huge heart!"

Diane K • JBF Seller

Beautiful mom holds two boys tops—one in each hand—as she shops the deals at her local sale.

"There are quality items here. You get to get rid of your used items and purchase new ones for the kids next phase."

Amanda U.• JBF Seller

Mom holds hand up to show of rows and rows of clothing for sale at 50 to 90% off retail prices!

"I can get EVERYTHING I need all at once in one place and for a fraction of the price." 

Melissa M. • JBF Seller

Two masked moms—one holding a child with a mask, the other pregnant—shop for their families at the local JBF sale.
"I like that there is EVERYTHING kids need in one place.  I don't need to drive around & hunt down garage sales that have minimal to no items I am looking for.  I get 80-90% of clothes & stuff for my 2 kids here - all in style nicer brands.  Saves me a lot of time shopping around for resales & store sales...and usually for a lot less money. I get compliments on how nice my kids are dressed.
As a seller...I  find it easier than holding a garage sale.  High volume customers, organized, goes on rain or shine & I don't have to be there except for my volunteer time. Still is a bit of work, but overall, worth it."

Lynn A.• JBF Seller


Selling by the numbers

We are thrilled to be able to help so many local families each sale. What can you expect when you sell with us? The results are really up to you! Here are some average numbers from our most recent sales.

Average Seller Check


Average payout to JBF Sellers. Some make a bit less, some make a LOT more, depending on how many items they bring and how they price to sell.

Number of shoppers


Thousands of local families shop the  sale. We promote heavily to draw as many families to shop the savings.

Items donated to charity


Our sellers can choose to donate unsold items after the sale to Helping Hands—our local partner charity. THANK YOU for your amazing generosity! 


Ready to learn more about selling?