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How to SAVE & MAKE money:


Register to Consign

Consignor and Volunteer

registration begins July 21st! 



Collect, Prep, and Tag

Gather your items together, prep them (using these handy guidelines) and create your tags using our online tagging system. We've got helpful videos for you too. The Milwaukee County sale only accepts clothing on plastic hangers. 


Drop Off!

Bring your tagged items to drop off, time shown below. If you want to donate anything that doesn't sell, you're done. If you want to pick up your unsold items, see times for that, too below.

...and your check is ready 15 days later!


Join our Consignor ONLY facebook page.

Earn up to 70% on your sold items!

JBF Milwaukee County consignors earn 60% less your $12 consignor fee per sale event. Consignors that are able to help during the sale for at least 4 hours earn 70%.

Consignors earn on average $500 per sale. (depending on what and how much sells)

Checks are e-mailed out 2 weeks after pick up. 

How to sell LOTS of items. Spread the word about the sale. We have bookmarks and postcards to help you do this. Don't be shy and keep JBF to yourself . Tell everyone you know! E-mail us today and let us know where we can mail you some marketing material about the sale. 

Price your items to sell!!

*****Reminder consignors are only allowed to bring 350 pieces of clothing to each sale. This can be for example: 1 shirt on a hanger or a full outfit shirt and shorts OR shirt and skirt. This would also be considered 1 item. Please only put outfits together that match and are the same size. We will not be able to accept any mismatched items.

If you choose to donate your items you MUST also include your items in the 25% & 50% off sale days. This is only for your benefit.  You will sell more items!!!

Consignors who are selling over 500 items (between clothing and other items) at one sale (April or September) we require you to help during sort on Saturday evening from 3-7pm (this shift is for you to pull your items...you will NOT earn the extra percentage for this shift or a presale shopping pass). If you wish to earn 70% on your sold items you also need to help another 4 hour shift. We ask that you check out with us before you are load your car with your items. You will see a special 4 hour shift on the volunteer schedule for POWER CONSIGNORS this shift needs approval. You only earn a presale pass if you volunteer 4 hours during the sale other then the POWER CONSIGNOR SHIFT.*****  If you have over 500 items and you DO not volunteer for the 3-7pm on Saturday for sort shift during breakdown but you do volunteer during another time during the sale. You will NOT earn the extra percentage on your sold items.


If a consignor check is not cashed within 30 days of when it was e-mailed we will place a stop pay on the check and the consignor will need to pay the $40.00 fee to have it reissued. 


Helping our Consignors be more successful: 

~ Consignors who choose not to reduce will sell, on average 40% of their items. 

~ Consignors who choose to reduce all their items will sell, on average, 60% of their items. 

~ Consignors who choose to reduce all their items and donate them will sell, on average 80% of their items. 


Register to Consign



Login to Add Shift

Join our Team! Over 600 helpers make each sale event the perfect place for families to find great deals on items they need! 

Volunteer Perks! 

4-Hour Volunteers

  • Earn 70% on your sold items.
  • Shop Saturday's presale starting at 1:00pm. This is just for the one doing the volunteering.
  • Shop Thursday's Half Price Presale Party from 6:00-9:00pm. You also get to bring 4 guests with you to the half price presale.

8-Hour Volunteers

  • Earn 70% on your sold items.
  • Shop Saturday's presale starting at 11:30am. This is just for the one doing the volunteering.
  • Shop Thursday's Half Price Presale Party from 6:00-9:00pm. You also get to bring 4 guests with you to the half price presale.

12-Hour Volunteers

  • Earn 70% on your sold items.
  • Shop Saturday's presale starting at 10:00am. This is just for the one doing the volunteering.
  • Shop Thursday's Half Price Presale Party from 6:00-9:00pm. You also get to bring 4 guests with you to the half price presale.

16-Hour Volunteers or sign up for 2 JBF Crew shifts (the Crew shifts are marked on these shifts in the title)

  • Earn 70% on your sold items.
  • Shop Saturday's presale starting at 9:00am. This is just for the one doing the volunteering.
  • Shop Thursday's Half Price Presale Party from 6:00-9:00pm. You also get to bring 4 guests with you to the half price presale.


  • Please remember you will want to be comfortable. We recommend wearing close-toed shoes that give you lots of support. And please wear clothing that lets you move easily.
  • Please DB check your day planner and only sign up for shifts that you know you can volunteer.
  • Please bring a drink and snack that you may need during your shift! The venue will not have the concession stand open at all during the sale.
  • Some shifts require lots of standing and walking. Please double check the description of each shift you wish to sign up for.
  • Most importantly have FUN!! If you have any suggestions for the sale please feel free to e-mail us at melindaherbert@jbfsale. We will also have a suggestion book at the sale. 


JBF Team Members are parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles who give of their time in exchange for the privilege of being the FIRST to shop! During the time you help out you may be doing anything from assisting in the set up, merchandising, and execution of the sale.

Tasks you may be doing:
Check-In for Consignors
Item inspections
Customer Service
Merchandise Organization
Helping at the check out
and much much more!



Drop Off ~ Friday, September 13th @ 2:00pm-8:00pm.

  • Bring your items tagged, prepped and  sorted by type and size.
  • All clothing should be on plastic hangers before drop off. (we sell all clothing with the hangers on them. No hangers are returned to the consignors.)
  • NEW this sale  Enter the venue through the SIDE doors, sign the sheet, get your passes.
  • Each car seat and booster seat will need a waiver. 
  • All clothing and shoes will need to be inspected.
  • You are responsible for placing all your items on the sales floor after they are inspected. Please place tops on top rack and bottoms on botoom rack. We are also going to try and place letters on the rack please place your items on the racks by the first letter in your UCN. explample: A-123-YYX

Pick up ~ for all Consignors: Sunday, September 22nd @ 11am-12:30pm (this may change if we get done early with sort)

At 12:31pm ALL remaining items are donated to A Place of Refuge Ministries and Reach out to Read program charity. Sorry, no exceptions!

You will go to the tables and pick up your unsold items. 

Then check the tables of the items that were pulled during the sale. 

Next you are welcome to look through the table with items that have lost their tags. 


Consignors & Volunteers get to shop first!

Saturday, September14th                                           

  • 16-hour Volunteers & Volunteers that help for  2 JBF Crew shifts (in the description of the shift it will say JBF CREW) Volunteers  shop from 9am-9pm
  • 12 Hour Volunteers shop from 10am-9pm                        
  • 8 Hour Volunteers shop from 11:30am-9pm               
  • 4 Hour Volunteers shop from 1-9pm 
  • Consignors and 1 guest get to shop starting at 2:30pm-9pm


Volunteer & Consignor Half Price Presale Party ~ Thursday from 6pm-9pm. You are welcome to bring up to 4 guests with you to the 1/2 price presale. 


First Time Parent, First Time Grandparent, Teacher, Police, Military & Firefirghters get to shop at 6pm on Saturday, September 14th. Only those that quailfy and register via eventbrite.com will be allowed to shop. (Registration begins July 15th)

No children 9 years of age or younger are allowed at the Saturday presale unless they are 12 months of age or younger and are in a front carrier. We will not be able to allow strollers or wagons during Saturday's presale. 

Consignors your guest to the Saturday presale may be a child 9 years of age or older.

Volunteers & Consignors for the half price presale on Thursday you are allowed to bring children of any age as your guest.

Presale Passes: Consignors will receive their presale passes at drop off . Non-consignors when you arrive to shop the presale please ask to see Melinda and she will have your presale pass for you.




Click to expand

Bags & Baby Carriers

Diaper bags, infant carriers, backpacks, and purses are great consignment items. Please inspect all items carefully to make sure items have not been recalled, stained, damaged or are missing pieces. We no longer accept breast pumps.

Package: Please zip-tie items to an adult-size hanger. 

Price: Price 50% - 75% off retail. Items in great condition tend to sell very well.

Tag: Hole-punch JBF tag and attach it to item with ribbon or string. If item contains multiple pieces, be sure all pieces are included and list number of items on JBF tag description. (link to tagging video)

Bedding, Blankets & Textiles

Bedding sizes accepted are bassinet through twin only. Please be selective when selling bedding, blankets, receiving blankets, burp cloths, and towels. New and barely used items sell best. Check carefully for stains; shoppers get very disappointed if they find a stain in a bundled blanket once they get home.

WE CAN NOT SELL CRIB BUMPERS. You are welcome to remove the bumper and sell the rest of the set. 

Package: Put bedding/crib/bedroom sets together in original packaging or in giant clear plastic bags. Arrange bedding sets inside bag so that shoppers can see all of the items as well as the design/pattern. Secure the bag by sealing it and then turning the seal over ahd securing it with tape so that items do not get separated. Bundle blankets, cloths, and towels with ribbon or string like a package (be sure multiple pieces cannot be separated). If selling one blacket place it on a adult plastic size hanger as we will hang these on a rolling rack for better ease of shopping. 

Price: Price to sell! Shoppers are less likely to purchase these items used, so prices have to be low. Try to price 75% - 90% off retail.

Tag: If bedding is in a plastic bag, attach tag securely with packaging tape to the inside of the bag and tape the bag shut (bedding set prices vary widely and securing tags inside bags prevents tag switching). If bedding/blankets are bundled with string, attach tag directly to blanket and tuck it under the ribbon/string so that it does not easily get pulled off when shifting around during the sale. (link to tagging video)

Books, Games, DVDs, Arts & Crafts

Books, book sets, board games, puzzles, video games, video game systems, scrapbook, arts & crafts sets are great items for resale. Please only bring kids’, parenting, homeschooling, pregnancy and child rearing books. Games and puzzles must have all pieces. (No "adult" content please.) Check items to ensure they are in great condition. Please double check that all puzzle pieces are included when selling. Shoppers are very disappointed when they go to play a game or put a puzzle together and there are pieces missing. 

Package: Use clear, self-seal bags or clear cling wrap (saran wrap) to hold multiple items together; Tie sets of books together with ribbon/string (be sure to tie the ribbon each way so the books are secure and don't slide out. Be sure that parts/games to video game systems (such as Vtech) cannot be separated or switched out at the sale. When selling games out of their original box please take a piece of cardboard and securely tape the game and tag to the cardboard. PUZZLES ~ please tape them secruly with painters tape.  

Price: Prices can range from $.50 to $50.00 in this category, depending on the item. Price to sell especially for books & DVDs as there are always lots to choose from at the sale. If you have a high priced item please give it to the volunteer up front at drop off. We will place these items out on the sales floor after drop off. 

Tag: When tagging books, please attach your tag to the book with clear tape or painters tape that can be removed without damaging the item. Tape tag to the outside cover of glossy books and to the inside cover of books that will easily tear when removing the tag. Please do not use masking or double sided tape. Hole-punch JBF tag and tie to sets. (link to tagging video)


****Quick note short sleeve uniform shirts will be accepted at the fall event.****

ALL clothing must be on PLASTIC hangers ONLY NO WIRE HANGERS (even though the video shows wire hangers)

We sell children's clothing Newborn through size 20 (limit 20 boy's & girl's junior size items, Abercrombie, Hollister, Roxy, American Eagle, Nike, Volcom, Burton preferred but we will accept other brands as well.) as well as maternity sizes (limit 20 maternity clothing items per consignor).

Our Spring sale is spring & summer clothing only. Jeans and linen pants will be accepted NO long sleeve shirts.

Our Fall Sale is fall & winter clothing only... Be picky. Look at your clothing items as if you were going to purchase them. No stained or damaged items will be accepted. Any items that look like "mom's" clothes will be rejected at inspection.

Please freshly clean your clothing items. Replace missing buttons, sew loose hems and seams, and clip loose threads. Please button all buttons, snap all snaps, zip all zippers before you arrive at drop off. This will ensure that there are no defects in the clothing. The newer the item looks (and the better it smells), the better it will sell.

Package & Hang: ONLY Plastic Hangers accepted - Please hang clothes including onies so the hanger hook points to the left (like a question mark). Hang size 0-5 clothing on child-size hangers and sizes 6-20 and maternity clothing on adult-size hangers. Clothing that falls off the hanger onto the floor does not sell well. Old Navy and many outlet stores are great places to get free hangers (they throw away hangers daily!) and WalMart & Target sell child-size plastic tube hangers at a great price.

Clothing Sets - Sets tend to sell better (under size 6) so match things up if you can. All garments should be hung with the hanger hook pointing left (hanger should resemble a question mark when looking at the front of item). Safety pin or use a tagging gun to attach clothing sets securely with bottom garment hung on the backside of the shirt, so both pieces can be viewed without separating them.Always pair like sizes...24 months with 24 months and 2T with 2T. Shoppers do not like when you pair 2 different sizes even when the tag reflects this information.

Pants/Shorts - Pant-clip hangers are great but if you use a standard hanger, simply use your tagging gun to attach pants to the top part of the hanger so the garment will not slide.

Socks, tights, hats and infant mittens need to be in a clear zip-lock bag if you are grouping multiple items in one bag. If selling single items these will be hang on a grid wall at the end of the clothing racks. Please attach these to the gridwall at drop off. Please be sure to label your tag well so that customers know if the items are short-sleeve onesies or long-sleeve onesies.

Price: Hanging Clothing - We ask that you price all items to sell. There is NO $3.00 rule at the Milwaukee sale.

Tag: Clothing on Hangers - Attach tag with a tagging gun or safety pin to the top of the item. Insert the gun in a label or inside seam NOT through part of the clothing (to avoid making a hole or tear in the clothing). Also, pull on the tag to make sure it is properly secured and will not come off easily. Please make sure consignor tags are pulled out of the clothing so they are easily visible to the customers. If selling an outfit please securing safety pin all items together, be sure to do so in a seam so no holes are created. 

 Non-Hanging Clothing - Please use tagging gun or safety pins to attach tags to onesies, socks, tights, infant mittens, and accessories. Be sure to also attach multiple pieces together. Then put these items into clear zip-lock bags (if selling multi items together). If items are in a clear bag please seal the bag, turn the seal over and then tape the bag shut. (link to tagging video)

Furniture & Equipment

Exersaucers, swings, high chairs, changing tables, cribs (cribs Manufactured AFTER June 28, 2011; strollers, bath seats, baby walkers, car seats & car seat accessories must be checked for safety recalls, must have all parts, and be in good condition. Children's furniture - beds (toddler, twin), desks, side tables, dressers. For side tables and dressers these are only those that are for children's rooms. 

Package: If item has multiple pieces use packaging tape, zip-ties, or string to keep items attached together. If wooden furniture has loose parts, use clear plastic wrap to secure item. All furniture and equipment must be assembled during the sale. Batteries must be included, if applicable. Please bring a Car Seat Checklist  for all car seats, booster seats, and car seat base or infant carrier.

Price: Price 50% - 75% off retail. Items in great condition tend to sell very well.

Tag: Attach JBF tag directly to item with clear packaging tape or hole-punch JBF tag and tie it to item. If you feel clear tape will damage the item then please use painters tape. (link to tagging video)

Infant Items

NO stuffed animals unless they talk or move!!!

Nursing covers & pillows, monitors, safety items, diapering & toileting items, rattles, and more. Please check for safety recalls (link) on all items that you consign.

Package: If item has multiple pieces use packaging tape, tagging gun, safety pins or clear self-seal bags to keep items attached together and clearly visible to shoppers. Batteries must be included, if applicable.

Price: Price 50% - 75% off retail. Items in great condition tend to sell very well.

Tag: Attach JBF tag directly to item or clear self-seal bag with clear packaging tape or hole-punch JBF tag and tie it to item. If items are in a clear bag please seal the bag, turn the seal over and then tape the bag shut


Make sure that shoes are clean, clean, clean! We will be VERY selective with shoes during Consignor Drop Off & Inspection as we will be accepting ALL Season shoes at both sales. 

Package: Fasten shoes together with zip ties. For infant shoes or small shoes without laces, you may put the shoes in a clear zip-lock bag. NO shoe boxes. 

Price: Shoes must be in good condition and should be priced to sell. 

Tag: Punch a hole in the top of your tag and attach the tag to the shoes with the ribbon, string, or zip tie. For infant shoes in a clear zip-lock bag, put the tag inside the bag, seal the bag, turn the seal over and tape the bag shut with clear packing tape. (link to tagging video)


NO stuffed animals unless they talk or move!!

Ride-on toys, block sets, dolls, remote control cars, outdoor toys, learning toys, and more. All toys must be checked for safety recalls (link) before consigning. Clean all toys and baby equipment thoroughly. Please test to make sure that toys and equipment are working properly. Battery operated toys must include working batteries (these can be purchased inexpensively at local discount stores).

Package: Keeping tags and multiple items attached is essential for your items to sell. Bag all small parts belonging to toys/equipment in self-seal bags, seal, turn the seal over and tape the bag shut with clear packing tape. Fasten the bag securely to the item with ribbon, tape, or zip ties. Items must include ALL working parts.

Price: Price 50% - 90% off retail.

Tag: Attach JBF tag directly to item with clear packaging tape or hole-punch JBF tag and tie it to item. (link to tagging video)


These items ALWAYS sell well at JBF!

1. Strollers & Carseats
2. Pack-n-plays, Bassinets, Swings, Bouncy Seats
3. Cribs & Toddler Beds
4. Bicycles & Ride-On Toys
5. Outdoor/Indoor Play Structures
6. Toys & Sporting Goods
7. Books, DVDs, Games & Video Games
8. Clothing (baby, toddler, school age, teen & maternity)
9. Shoes
10. Infant Care Items


Discount Days

We encourage all consignors to participate in the Discount Days by clicking the donate box when you are creating your tags. 

Consignors that do participate in the discount days usually sell 50% more items then those that do not.

Discount days are Thursday (25% off), Friday and Saturday (50% off days).

If your item/s are not discounted they will still stay on the sales floor for shoppers to purchase. 



We encourage all consignors to check the donate box while creating and printing their tags. This means all unsold items left at the end of the sale will be donated to charity. (see Giving Back page for more details on charity)

All items not picked up by 12:31pm on drop off day weather marked to donate or not they ALL will be donated. No exceptions!!


NEW to Consigning at JBF

Please read through the website. Page by Page, Section by Section.

1) Gather your items.

2) Check each item; please make sure they are clean, all pieces are included and that they are not recalled.

3) Enter your items using your JBF account.

4) Print and attach your tag to each of your items.

5) ALL clothing needs to be on plastic hangers before you arrive at drop. All items are sold WITH the hanger.

6) Sign up to volunteer. Volunteering a min. of 4 hours at the sale you earn 70% on your sold items.

7) Please read through the drop off section above.

8) Please read through the pick up section above. 

After you read through the website if you should have any questions please e-mail us at melindaherbert@jbfsale.com

LIKE us on facebook where we will have lots of pictures, helpful tips and contests.




VIP Consignors

Want to clean out your kiddos items they no longer wear or play with but just don't have time to tag them? We have just the answer VIP TAGGING.

Our taggers will prep, tag & bring your items to the sale. 

VIP Consignor spots fill up fast so please contact us soon. All items must be delivered to the tagger 2 weeks prior to drop off. 

We have taggers standing by please contact Melinda Herbert at melindaherbert@jbfsale.com for more details. 


Perfect Consignors

We appreciate those consignors who spend the extra time at home ensuring that their items are stain free, tagged correctly, all pieces are included, are not recalled, volunteering at the sale and we want to reward them for their hard work!

In order to be on the list and skip inspection you must meet all of the following steps at the Spring 2019 event:

  • Register for the event by April 8th.
  • If you have less than five stained, damaged, or unacceptable items at drop off (yes we do inspect items once again when they are on the sales rack) and or pulled at drop off or during the sale.
  • Zero Recalled items at the sale.
  • Volunteer a min. of 4 hours at the sale.
  • Check in and sign the ledger before you place your items on the sales floor during drop off.
  • Show up and volunteer for each shift that you sign up for. If you NO show for 1 shift we will not be able to add you to the PC list. Meaning you sign up for 2 or more shifts and show up for 1 or more but miss ONE of them then you will not be on the PC list. 
  • If you are a Power Consignor you MUST volunteer 4 hours during the sale PLUS pull your items Saturday starting at 3pm. If you do just one or the other you will not be on the PC list. 
  • If you register to consign you show up and consign. If you no show you will no longer be on the PC list for the following sale. If you decide not to consign the deadline to cancel is April 14th. If you do so after this date we will not be able to add you to the fall PC list. 

EVEN if your inspector says you made the list if you missed one of these steps you will not make the PC list.

If you make the PC list but are not able to consign please e-mail us at least a month before the next sale and we are happy to add you to the list.   

Complete all steps you will be added to a list which allows you to skip inspection during drop off at the next sale. This saves you lots of time at Drop Off! REMEMBER: Perfect Consignor status is earned each sale. Spend extra time inspecting items at home so that you earn perfect status for the next sale!

Perfect Consignors for Spring 2019 sale:

Last Name/First Name/UCN 

Consignor Number First Name Last Name
W030YYD Ashley Adair-Murray
V117YYR Rachael Aderhold
F026YYJ Elizabeth Alberg
P172YYV Rebecca Alberts
W319YYU Brittany Allegretti
A211YYV Jennifer Allen
N374YYC Kerrie Amrhein                                                                      H419YYN Connie Anderson

N015YYC Denise Anderson
L303YYE Maria  Andrade
L040YYO Amanda Angelo
W326YYE Jessica Aquino
F206YYQ Eric Arndt
X016YYV Amber Aussem
D189YYI Rebecca Babich
X485YYG Amy Bagurdes
B137YYJ Lisa Bahl
X024YYD Julie Baker
K029YYO Michaela Baker
T715YYX Wendy Balistreri
F365YYD Tarra Ball
L326YYF Rebecca Barrington
W630YYQ Stacy Barry Coffey
Q016YYJ Kathy Barton
V029YYB Wendy Bautch
U185YYP Jessica Bayer
W215YYY Melissa Becker
E671YYD Tanya Behnke
W347YYP Jennifer Bell
I198YYK Andrea Benslimane
H309YYL Anne Blommel
L629YYI Cynthia Bockman
C126YYV Laurie Bondar
J054YYQ Jill Borchardt
O083YYI Lisa Borkoski
Q203YYW Jennifer Borzymowski
S002YYD Kathy Bott
A741YYB Lisa Bowman
Q118YYP Jenna Bowser
Q385YYF Jennifer Boydston
D089YYW Renee Braatz
Z434YYX Kim Bramow
L387YYI Sara Bredeson
M376YYP Lisa Bree
W003YYL Tammy Bremer
S413YYA Rachelle Bridges
N091YYE Veronica Broekema
W415YYJ Christine Brown
R281YYF Jennifer Brown
O028YYA Sarah Brown
X147YYW Laura Brzostowicz
X035YYR Jennifer Bubolz-Miller
M177ZZT Tracey Buerger
W005XPT Carol Bunting
L275YYI Jodie Burriss
R311YYS Robin Burroughs
B728YYU Stephanie Bush
G376YYR Melissa Buss
A191YYI Shannon Byre Irwin
H425YYR Melissa Carlson
X400YYL Kris Carr
F034YYO Becky Catozzi
M455YYW Courtney Chavez
K500YYJ Lisa Chavez
N362YYI Rebecca Cheske
V281YYH Michelle Chvilicek
B668YYS Marilyn Ciano
K012YYU Sandy Cibulka
J419YYC Susie Cimbalnik
X385YYM Tracy  Clark
B015YYN Suszanne Clement
R211XPD Tracy Coffey
W484YYF Jenelle Collins
P410YYB Jennifer Collins
E015YYG Carolyn Connolly
E484YYR Kristin Conroy
N206YXM Jamie Craig
N402YYH Mia Cross
Y375YYH Karly Cross
N415YYH Betsy Cull
N665YYO Jenny Dachowski
W298YYG Jennifer Dames
E005YYE Jaime Davidson
G001YYO Kelly Davis
L336YYD Susan Day
Y678YYH Nicole Denk
O650YYJ Renee Dean
O669YYR Barb Demotto
M399YYL Brianna Dierken-Boals
E673YYQ Debbie Diessner
N490YYF Miranda Dinkle
O181YYS Michelle Donegan
R189YYQ Catherine Dorch
W210YYP Susan Drake
L003YYH Shawna Duncan
M004YYI Jennifer Dunne
Y168YYY Linda Dykes
B426YYT Jackie Dzikowski
E219YYJ Kisstin Edge
U210XPK Gayle Edge
H220YYA Shannon Ehnert
T620YYA Krista Ellis
U732YYB Melissa Ellis
B002YYF Carissa Ellmauer
Q187YYR Kate Erd
V258YYY Patricia Erickson
G625YYV Ashley Escobar
A491YYJ Amber Espada
Z313YYA Rebecca Fannin
U204YYC Stacey Fehly
T289YYH Michelle Feierstein
D003YYD Loretta Fendrick
V481YYV Lauren Fernandez
D044YYL Tammy Ferrell
O324YYI Katie Fetzer
U402YYU Karen Feucht
V273YYR Pamela Fierst
M329YYU Randy Finch
X499YYD Nancy Finch
M040YYI Steven Fix
N032YYB Joni Fletcher
G032YYY Emily Foley
G384YYS Cindle Fontan-Bennett
J438YYB Marla Fox
N503YYY Christina Fox
J414YYF Amanda Frazer-Collins
H192YYN Jean Freund
S376YYD Arielle Freund
C326YYF Jennifer Fritzemeier
W134YYN Angela Funk
G422YYN Jennifer Gahagan
L345YYV Kim Gahagan
L005YYX Shelly Galaszewski
U427YYI Gigi Garcia
O027YYV Heidi Gaylord
C144YYJ Sara Gaulke
T017YYH Laurie Gaus
Z311YYV Stacy Gehrke
E042YYR Jamie Gensler
O349YYI Michelle Godden
Z041YYM Jamie Gomez
A031YYA Susan Gomilla
E150YYW Ashley Gonzales
E669YYI Kayla Gonzales
J409YYP Alyssa Gottsacker
B025YYD Jaclyn Gouge
E055YYV Tracy Graf
Y086YYI Jennifer Granneman
S485YYU Kim Green
O737YYR Pamela Greger
W378YYL Stephanie Gresbach
R219YYC Mary Ellen Grier
G202YYH Ariane Grudzina
N009YYJ Theresa Gruenewald
J417YYO Christine Grzeszkiewicz
V210YYX Ericka Guzman
O390YYQ Megan Hagemann
V024XPI Cathy Haglund
D447ZZW Liz Hallman
D328YYN Christie Hanrahan
C206YYO Deanne Harder
P320YYU Heidi Harrmann
O009YYU Kristen Harthun
M026YYX Kristin Hattendorf
F119YYH Julie Hauser
B310YYT Katie Heckel
E338YYA Kim Heinzel
O488YYY Ann Heinzel
U359YYT Laura Helleckson
Q043YYV Laurie Henkel
X454YYS Rhea Henning
K269YYH Josephine Hensen
N007YYL Mai Her
R725YYD Jen Herbst
Q226XLU Rhonda Hernandez
E219YYJ Roberta Heu
V005YYO Rick Hoffmann
M198YYL Caroyn Holbach
S336YYN Lisa Hoppenrath
G412YYH Susan Hughes
Y489YYI Melissa Hunter
U202YYP Lauren Jackson
D204YYS Susan Jacobsen

T117YYI Tammy Janik

Q662YYJ Sara Jaszewski
P406YYF Debra Jeelani
K404YYS Caitlyn Jeffery
O019YYI Faith-Ann Johnson
O414YYK Michelle Johnson
W091YYD Alice Johnston
K018YYL Lisa Jones
F015YYT Kathi Jorgensen
Z012YYX Katherine Juchemich
Y410YYS Cathy Junemann
U484YYJ Sarah Kahn
U329YYU Marla Kalfayan
B327YYN Shana Karczewski
T011YYN Carla Karczewski
T714YYI Jamie Kargus
T350YYW Heather Keckeisen
A309YYG Kristy Kehoe-Leider
D289YYF Lainey Kelroy
R029YYD Kathryn Kelser
W672YYO Summer Kerlin
C283YYI Alyson Ketterhagen
U346YYQ Alyson Ketterhagen
Y290YYS Kate Kielpinski
F205YYT Michael Kleinschnitz
Y341YYT Kim Knaak
H637YYI Lindsay Knapp
V625YYT Karen Knautz
X293YYL Katie Knop
J011YYP Wendy Knop
D485YYV Tara Knopf
A367YYX Kathy Kolodzinski
S211YYN Wendy Konkol
M457ZZC Danielle Kosek
D031YYW Heather Kozik
Y364YYX Tracy Kraft-Sewell
V593YYB Amber Kraus
R621YYS Beth Krey
C031YYN Jaime Kroll
Y044YYH Leanne Krueger
O326YYD Courtney Krzynski
K270ZZB Kathryn Kulinski
V202YYT Jennifer Kuhfeldt
A347ZZF Ashley Kwasinski
I036YYM Ingrid Laforest
Y014YYX Lorraine Lahdenpera
I025YYY Jennifer LaPlante
B490YYM Allison Larsen
P039YYG Danielle Lawrence
B482YYS Elizabeth Laxague
I283YYI Robin Le Duc
V388YYB Lisa Lentz
Q327YYA Ashley Lepak
L415YYA Laura Leshok
N344YYI Jane Letscher
N332YYA Michele Levandoski
V339YYH Cynthia Lewandowski
P284YYV Cammy Ley
H142YYW Kathy Loehr
W026YYN Brittany Lohman
U037YYL Diane Lopez
E335YYR Ashley Loroff
W197YXG Bridget Lozano
W007YYA Robin Lucas
Q126YYS Candace Mack
U211YYP Jennifer Maederer
L099YYN Julie Maki
Q495YYF Brody Maki
M218YYT Ellen Manning
G413YYR Stephanie Marki
P004YYY Jennifer Marlock
W241YYI Mia Marzion
M487YYC Yunge Matz
P633YYV Cheryl Mccormick
Z498YYS Dana Mccullough
W191YYG Nicole McCumber
Z386YYA Rachel Mcdonald
O119YYN Amy McGuire
B042YYC Jennifer McNeal
Y377YYO Shannon Meillier
D003XPL Ashley Mermal
J367YYG Karen Metzger
D009YYK Jennifer Meyer
H483YYH Nina Michalak
K368YYQ Colleen Michaud
T488YYD Nicki Milazzo
G121YYB Melissa Millar
J454YYV Heather Miller
Y436YYL Leslie Miller
J006YYV Nicole Miller
R487YYT Constance Misner
B000YYX Melissa Monsoor
N486YYQ Sara Monty
B043YYW Tia  Moore
L386YYF Lynn Morgan
M688YYM Cheridy Mork
C121YYX Sarah Morrow
G388YYQ Krissy Mosca
B487YYM Julie Mrotek
M148YYU Angie Muma
F488YYA Kristina Muravska
I355YYD Annette Murawski
G341YYE Jennifer Murphy
R366YYI Dawn Murry
Z008YYL Michele Nagel
L424YYK Jessica Narlow
W385YYW Kelly Nimmer
L212YYK Lisa Norton
W040YYJ Kelly Norton
Q374YYD Shanna Oconnor
L390YYX Elizabeth O'connor
L489YYV Susie Oleson
V633YYM Amy Olszewski
W122YYO Wendy Omernik
I045YYI Maren Orban
S243YYN Lisa Orlowski
I106YYV Amanda Orosco
W362YYD Sarah Othmer
V035YYI Trisha Ouradnik
W634YYU Amy Ousey
I222YXS Melissa Owen
S114YYK Cheryl Page
W339YYJ Cindy Pahl
E728YYU Michelle Pakula
M282YYW Laurie Parkinson
S011YYY Shannon Parks
K704YYP Fredrick Patrick
Y485ZZY Anna Pavlenko
E333YYC Verna Pazaras
P317YXQ Tricia Peetz
W387YYN Nicolle Perez
P120YYI Shannon Perron
Q256YYI Maighread Peterson
B110YYW Melissa Peterson
K001YYB Shawna Pett
Q190YYN April Phillips
Z180YYM Kristin Pierce
U336YYQ Amanda Pittsley
D000YYY Tracy Plecha
B187YYW Jennifer Prem
F028YYX Lisa Pritzlaff
D250YYL Dana Quinlan
Y504YYM Iris Quintero
O592YYO Natalie Quinton
Y442YYM Aliona Raicova
C027YYH Michelle Rainer
M018YYK Tabatha Rangel
K490YYM Kathi Ratkowski
O189YYI Amanda Raudabaugh
H209YYW Sarah Reedy
L370YYJ Elysabeth Reichman
O042YYE Jennifer Rekowski
A394YYT Jaclyn Reszka
P309YYX Ashley Reynolds
E384YYU Katie Richmond
J018YYH Amanda Rice
J352YYM Teresa Rickert
E018YYK Amy Riege
A004YYO Christine Riley
I359YYR Kelly Riviera
G428YYI Rebecca Robbennolt
M428YYB Katy Robidoux
R427YYX Nicole Robinson
P024YYP Nadine Roddy
J652YYW Jennifer Rodriguez
N193YYS Chrissie Roemer
P759YYA Heidi Roeser
T323YYE Christine Rogers
Y336XPQ Rachel Rogers
L484YYO A. Summer Rotta
N242YYE Tammy Ruh
J621YYD Christina Rush
V105YYG Jenny Sack
C025YYX Sue Saller
L124YYI Brenda Salmins
Q179YYC Michele Salmins
C016YYQ Sarah Sanchez
W490YYF Jodi Savage
Y387YYV Elsa Scardino
F286YYO Pam Schaal
A266YYG Shannon Schafer
S409YYY Nicole Schallhorn
Q716YYG Connie Scharmach
N322YYF Vicki Schaut
E488YYX Raquel Schlund
D502YYQ Samantha Schmid
L273YXO Katherine Schmid
T743YYK Brittany Schmidt
T111YYW Kristin Schmit
B087YYF Valerie Schneider
L722YYU Eve Schnell
K356YYM Laura Schuld
P180YYD Chante Schultz
T621YYE Cheryl Schultz
L007YYX Jackie Schultz
I318YYI Jennifer Schuster
G031YYN Mariah Schwabe
S282YYE Michelle Schweda
M631YYQ Natalie Sears
W743YYU Bobbie Semrow
D329YYL Annie Serak
Y141YYA Amber Shaffer
C001YYA Jennifer Shaw
O017YYF Joanna Shebesta
L658YYE Kimberly Sheskey
G026YYG Jennifer Sheteron
G659YYI Glynnis Shircel
N812ZZF Karen Silber
T999ZZA Mike Silverstein
I238YXP Stacey Simatic

B502YYL Heather Sommers
O290YYT Kristin Sinner
L762YYO Erin Skroback
F335YYG Joane Sleck
E185YYS Michelle Slivon
U358ZZX Annie Smith
X929YIK Lori Smith
Y180YYE Tracy Smith
H986ZZI Melinda Smyczek
Q678YYV Crystal Snider
U259YYV Brianne Snow
G107YYJ Mike Snyder
Y329YYJ Lisa Sontag
C123YYY Avie Spangler
A013YYE Marie Sparks
M368YYQ Jodie Spence
C285YYD Peg Speth-Mikolajczak
X379YYU Becky Stanbery
L500YYS Lynn Starr
K004YYL Carri Steinbrenner
H202YYH Kristen Stenseth
J271YYR Desiree Stenseth
J477YYN Heather St. Louis
L482YYQ Maura Strickler
R355YYT Jessica Stokes-Johnson                                                             D456YYW Nicole Stuebner

N090YYH Chloe Surinak
C750YYN Rebecca Susa
A377YYJ Katie Suwalski
B749YYQ Lisa Talen
H737ZZQ Jeanne Tanty
A747YYU Katrina Tarke-Karge
P177YYR Monique Taylor
F430YYY Deborah Taves
D026YYX Karin Thayer
D292YYV Katie Thomas
T288YYI Janice Thomas
O091YYC Katie Thompson
I325YYE Hope Thrun
G248YYJ Renee Tobin
L319YYS Monica Topolovich
Q485YYE Chelsea Topping
U004YYI Deborah  Toy Benzel
C205YYT Sarah Trapp
F123YYF Tanya Tridle
V335XPP Britni Trinidad
O742YYT Jason Trotnow
E388YYB Justin Urban
G008YYP Crystal Urbanski
D419YYV Sara Vanden Heuvel
R189YYL Madeline Vazquez
A234YYG Stacy Velie
J494YYL Tasha Ventimiglia
C045YYX Bridget Verber
K122YYH Jolyn Villa
F718YYE Linda Villagomez
I038YYR Dawn Wabiszewski
A061YYK Becky Wade
B018YYE Kathleen Wallent-Konkol
Y140YYO Kitty Walloch
N326YYH Ann Walsh
T367YYN Heidi Walz
Q020YYN Nicole Weber
X380YYM Deborah Weber
Z208YYY Kristi Weber
G409YYN Marie Webster
D709YYX Ann Wegner Le Fort
K491YYF Mary Wejrowski
W698YYV Anita Wellford
R044YYR Carolyn Wells
Y008YYW Annie West
I019YYH Diane Weyker
J004XPP LindaLu Whalen
I014YYQ Stacie Wichman
M488YYI Lori Widder
T084YYQ Cathy Wieczorek
J375YYD Erin Wieselman
C364YYS Jennifer Wilder
D364YYA Melinda Wilkins
W443YYW Kim Wilkinson
T301YYI Heather Willett
N011YYD Shannon Williams
T192YYI Shirley Williams
Y280YYE Amy Williams
V327YYN Leah Wilson
X286YYI Angel Winkler
N647YYV Jodi Winn
X040XPF Tiffany Wintz
E045YYC Jessica Wisniewski
O364YYP Christine Wittwer
D413YYP Kara Woida
Z338YYQ Casey Wojtal
E001YYJ Kimberly Wolverton
P036YYE Iwona Wroblewski
Z399YYJ Judy Wroblewski
Z748YYI Sara Wroblewski
L041YYC Mollie Wyler
X692YYV Kaa Youa Xiong
W390YYL Sherry Xiong
S369YYO Margaret Zaharis
M341YYG Ya Zhuo
V001YYX Tamara Ziebell
K211YYA Bettina Ziveny
O098YYK Carie Zuelsdorf
F307YYR Danae Zugno







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